My songs on a heavy metal record

July 1, 2016


And now, for something completely different: the prog metal project Alarion has released an album featuring three songs I co-wrote! 


Yes, loud guitars and complex compositions with time signature and key changes! The project, Alarion, grew out of a band I sang in a few years ago, with my friend Bas Willemsen at the helm. Before I jumped overboard, I co-wrote a couple of songs with Bas, three of which you can now hear on Alarion’s debut album Waves of Destruction!


A Life Less Ordinary

This song pretty much spells out my life philosophy: follow your dreams; don’t be content with the status quo. Masterfully sung by Paul Glandorf - they didn’t even change the pitch!


Turn of Fate

A dramatic power ballad that is nevertheless a very personal song. Surreal to hear it sung by Irene Jansen – she has a lot of metal in her soul.



An angry song directed at a xenophobic politician. How current this topic is! I am chuffed that this song is sung by Damian Wilson, front man of one of my favourite bands – Threshold!


The album was launched on 3 June at De Boerderij, Holland’s prog metal temple De Boerderij, with lots of photographers and press present. It was awesome to hear the songs live!


If you’re into heavy music, check out Alarion.

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